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    Rubber Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery and Packing Materials

    Lohashilpi believes in the dictum that our customers are our best advertisers. No compromises are made to achieve customer satisfaction both in the quality of our products as well as after sales service that we provide. The quality assurance department ensures that all the raw materials used and the finished products that roll out of our factories meet the stringent standards that we have laid down. Our people who are entrusted with the R & D are constantly on the look out to improve the performance of our products as well as develop innovative additions to our product line. Our emphasis is on developing new products that reduce labour inputs, processing cost and create value addition to the finished product.

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  • Automatic Rubber Sheeting Machine has been designed and developed with the intention of giving a superior product compared to our earlier models of our Sheeting Batteries and Mini Batteries.



    Single groove (Lower speed)

    Single groove (Low speed)

    Single groove

  • The Electric Rubber Roller is the latest rubber processing machine developed by Lohashilpi. This rubber roller is an affordable and attractive choice even for small rubber growers. It is available at a price lower than that of the regular manually …

  • Lohashilpi is the market leader in the manufacture of rubber rollers in the Country. Our machines are marketed in all the rubber growing States in India.

    Our customer list includes rubber growers who have bought our rollers as far back …


    This is an ideal machine for traders of raw rubber sheets. The rubber sheet washing machine easily removes fungus and dirt accumulated on the outer surface of rubber sheets thus adding value to the product. This machine is extremely …

  • Coagulation troughs are an ideal substitute for aluminium dishes(trays) normally used for coagulating latex. Major savings in labour and space can be achieved by using troughs in place of aluminium dishes. Another big advantage is that coagulation of latex in …

  • Drying is the final stage involved, in the processing of latex, being followed by the majority of rubber growers for making smoked rubber sheets.  A well designed furnace will ensure quick and efficient drying of rubber sheets with minimum consumption …

  • We at Lohashilpi have been regularly coming out with products to bring down the cost of producing rubber sheets. Our latest introduction is a fairly hi–tech smoke house that has considerable advantages and savings in fuel and labour.

    The salient …

  • We have been manufacturing pharma machinery from 2006.  These machines are being used by several manufacturers in both Allopathic and Ayurvedic sectors.

    • Any type of non-corrosive liquid can be filled.
    • Can fill any fill volume from 5 ml upwards without
  • A machine that will suit the budget of small and medium Allopathic and Ayurvedic pharmaceutical manufacturers, food products manufacturers etc. who do not wish to go in for a fully automatic blister packing machine. Blister sealing and trimming are done …

  • We manufacture duplex cartons of excellent quality that will compare with the best available in the market, and that too at affordable rates. Our product range includes cartons with multi colour printing, both with and without lamination. We specialise in …

  • We make high quality plastic dropper bottles meeting exacting Pharma industry standards. Our 5 ml & 10 ml bottles, nozzles and caps are made under Class 100000 clean room conditions. 5 ml and 10 ml bottles are made on sophisticated …

  • Accumulation of dust on containers of medical products in retail outlets is a problem faced by the pharma industry. This can be minimized by the use of shrink sleeves over the bottles. We supply custom-made shrink sleeves to the Allopathic …

  • Blister packing is one of the most commonly used modes of packaging tablets and capsules. Lohashilpi manufactures customized pre-formed blisters for both Allopathic and Ayurvedic products.

    • Prevents fungal contamination of the tablets and capsules packed
    • Enhances visibility of the product
  • Latex cup: Plastic cups are used to collect latex from each tree. They have almost replaced coconut shells as the preferred choice nowadays. Latex cups are available in 2 capacities – 600 ml & 900 ml

    Cup hanger: …

  • This is a rectangular container used for coagulating latex. Aluminium dishes are the most commonly used vessels for coagulation of latex. They do not corrode and are easy to clean.

  • Scrap basket: Scrap baskets are used for collection of cup lumps and tree lace which are generated while tapping rubber trees.

    Funnel: Funnels are used for transferring field latex from collection buckets to containers used for transporting latex to …

  • Tapping knives: In India, three types of tapping knives are used. The ‘Michie Golledge’ knife is the most widely used. The second one is the ‘Jabong’ knife, commonly used in Malaysia which is more suitable for speedy and easier tapping, …

  • This is commonly used for collecting latex from the field. Buckets of different capacities are available to suit individual preferences.

  • This is used for coagulating latex and Acid with PNP for coagulating & improving quality of sheets.


Lohashilpi has developed the technology and process to make Smoked Rubber Sheets from field latex at the lowest possible cost. We can ensure that the quality of sheets produced is anywhere from RSS 3 upwards.

We are able to achieve this by mechanizing the operations in a lot of areas and bringing down the cost of inputs. Our Automatic Rubber Sheeting Machines, Latex Dispensers, Smoke houses and Dish Washing Machine (under development) play a key role towards achieving these objectives.

With these strengths in hand, we are setting up Latex Processing Centres in different parts of the country. The capacity of these centres range from 600 sheets per day to 9000 sheets per day.


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