rubber sheeting machine.jpgRubber sheeting using this machine saves a considerable amount of  labour and time. Speeds of up to 750 sheets per hour can be attained with experience. Our product range includes three models designed to suit the requirements of small, medium and large rubber estates and Rubber Producers Societies.





Motor HP  1 2 3
Motor phase  1 ph & 3 ph 1 ph & 3 ph 3 ph only
Roller width 610 mm 610 mm 780 mm
No. of sets of   4 pairs 4 pairs 5 pairs
Attainable speed per hour 350 sheets 750 sheets 750 sheets
Recommended weight of sheet dry 550 gms 550 gms 1.5 kg
Dimensions in metres 1.4 L x 1.07 W x 0.96 H 1.5 L x 1.1 W x 1.35 H 1.5 L x 1.7 W x 1.3 H


  • SAVES TIME: Lohashilpi Sheeter takes approximately 6.5 to 7.5 seconds to fully process a sheet weighing between 500 to 700 gms. dry. You can comfortably process 500 to 550 sheets per hour. With a little bit of practice, an operator with attitude, can do upto 750 sheets per hour.
  • SAVES LABOUR: All it needs is one person to operate the machine. Four conventional Rubber Rollers coupled by a counter shaft needs four people to operate the machines. In comparison, Lohashilpi Sheeter needs just one person, which means a saving of 75% on labour.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Lohashilpi Sheeter is quite compact. It takes up very little floor space in comparison with conventional rubber rollers. This leaves space in the bulking shed for placing dishes for coagulation etc.
  • UNIFORM THICKNESS: Sheets of uniform thickness are made consistently. On applying a little care while coagulating, sheets of almost same dimensions too is possible. With sheets of even thickness, drying of these sheets in the smoke house is uniform. This results in reducing fuel cost.
  • RELIABLE DRIVES: Lohashilpi Sheeters are provided with 2HP three phase or single phase motors made by reputed manufacturers.
  • Only one person is needed to operate the machine. Therefore there is a considerable saving in labour
  • These machines can be operated by ladies too.
  • Minimal maintenance – greasing of bearings once in ten days depending upon the no. of sheets being processed.
  • Corrosion resistant components used.
  • A very small foot print.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Very high output can be achieved by a skilled operator thus saving time.
  • Rubber sheets processed are of uniform thickness.
  • Efficient and even drying of raw rubber sheets is achieved as the sheets are of uniform thickness. This enhances the quality of dry sheets and reduces fuel cost in the smoke house.

Lohashilpi Sheeter Video