Processing Centres


 Lohashilpi has developed the technology and process to make Smoked Rubber Sheets from field latex at the lowest possible cost. We can ensure that the quality of sheets produced is anywhere from RSS 3 upwards.

We are able to achieve this by mechanizing the operations in a lot of areas and bringing down the cost of inputs. Our Automatic Rubber Sheeting Machines, Latex Dispensers, Smoke houses and Dish Washing Machine (under development) play a key role towards achieving these objectives.

With these strengths in hand, we are setting up Latex Processing Centres in different parts of the country.  The capacity of these centres range from 600 sheets per day to 9000 sheets per day.

An investor who sets up these Latex Processing Centres can expect to recover his investment from 1 ½ years to 3 ½ years’ time. We provide a techno financial feasibility report. We also provide the entire layout including civil drawing of the processing building. If required, one of our trained people will manage the factory for the investor.