Smoke House Furnace

Drying is the final stage involved, in the processing of latex, being followed by the majority of rubber growers for making smoked rubber sheets.  A well designed furnace will ensure quick and efficient drying of rubber sheets with minimum consumption of firewood. Lohashilpi manufactures cast iron furnaces in two sizes which meet the requirements of small and big rubber growers.

Our smoke house furnaces are made out of 20 to 25 mm thick cast iron plates. The furnace’s design incorporates a grate at the lower part of the furnace for efficient combustion and easy removal of ash. Air intake into the furnace can be precisely controlled with adjustable vents which are provided on the door of the furnace. We manufacture furnaces for smoke houses of capacity ranging from 50 sheets to 5000 sheets. A team of experienced technicians provide technical guidance for the installation of the furnaces.

  • Specially designed for smoke houses for drying rubber sheets
  • Robust construction using heavy cast iron plates for long life
  • Provision for regulating the air flow into the furnace for controlled firing
  • Designed for optimum utilisation of heat generated by the furnace
  • Heat from the outside of the furnace channelled back into the smoke house to minimise heat loss and maximise efficiency