Aluminium Coagulation Tank

Coagulation troughs are an ideal substitute for aluminium dishes(trays) normally used for coagulating latex. Major savings in labour and space can be achieved by using troughs in place of aluminium dishes. Another big advantage is that coagulation of latex in troughs produces sheets of uniform thickness.   These troughs are manufactured using good quality aluminium sheets and sections. The major components of the trough are – a specially designed rectangular container and rectangular separators of aluminium to divide the trough into small, equal compartments.


  • Considerable savings in labour: Time and manpower required is much lower compared to coagulation using aluminium trays.
  • Reduction in area required for processing latex
  • Quick and easy cleaning as one trough replaces many aluminium trays
  • Uniform and efficient drying as sheets produced are of uniform thickness



I am a very satisfied customer of Lohashilpi’s trough. When compared to the traditional Aluminium dishes that are generally used for coagulating latex, there is commendable savings in labour. 3 workers work for 8 hours and make 400 sheets per day. Also, the coagulated rubber from the trough is of uniform size/thickness. Lohashilpi provides excellent service as well. The service technicians are just a phone call away. I use one 60 slider and two 50 sliders troughs at my estate.

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