Cup, Cup hanger, Spout

Latex cup: Plastic cups are used to collect latex from each tree. They have almost replaced coconut shells as the preferred choice nowadays. Latex cups are available in 2 capacities – 600 ml & 900 ml

Cup hanger: Cup hangers are used to keep the collection cups in place below the spouts. They are made of GI wire and tied on to the trees with the help of plastic thread. Another type which is clipped on to the trees is also available.

Spout: Spouts are made of galvanized iron (GI) or tin sheet (5 x 3 cm size in approximate) folded along its length into a V-shape. It is driven into the bark a few inches below the front end of the tapping cut to guide the latex into the collection cup. While fixing the spout, it must be ensured that the cambium is not injured.