Liquid Filling Machine

We have been manufacturing pharma machinery from 2006.  These machines are being used by several manufacturers in both Allopathic and Ayurvedic sectors.

  • Any type of non-corrosive liquid can be filled.
  • Can fill any fill volume from 5 ml upwards without any change parts
  • Volume can be set precisely by means of a PLC.
  • Independent fill volumes can be set for the four filling heads. This enables a customer to fill four different packs of the liquid being filled at the same time.
  • Can fill liquids like shampoos, soap solutions, arishtams etc. without frothing
  • Can fill liquids like honey etc. without forming bubbles or bubble entrapment
  • Only stainless steel is used for the fabrication of the machine.
  • Very low power consumption: The power needed to fill 1,600 nos. of 60 ml bottles is equivalent to that consumed by a 100 Watt bulb.
  • The filling machine needs very minimal maintenance.
  •  Finally to top it all, the machine is backed up by excellent after sales service which however will seldom be needed.