Rubber Roller

Lohashilpi is the market leader in the manufacture of rubber rollers in the Country. Our machines are marketed in all the rubber growing States in India.

Our customer list includes rubber growers who have bought our rollers as far back as 1990.  These machines have been working without any maintenance. A list of satisfied customers with their contact details is available at our factory.

The raw materials that are used to manufacture our rubber rollers are subjected to strict quality control checks. Rough castings are fettled (surface finished) before assembly. Parts of the rubber roller requiring a sliding mechanism are machined on milling machines.

Drilling and tapping of components are done on radial drilling machines. Lohashilpi is the only manufacturer of rubber rollers in the country which makes the turned and threaded components required for rubber rollers on CNC machines. Our rubber rollers are so robust and rigid in its construction that they can be used without anchoring them on foundation bolts.

With very minimal routine maintenance, our rubber rollers will keep working for years.




I have had a Lohashilpi Rubber Roller at my place for 20 years now. Our first machine was bought by my Father. Only if we don’t give sufficient lubrication does the machine develop any problems. Our locality (Karuvarakundu in Kerala) is full of Lohashilpi’s machines.

LukmanKaruvarakundu Ph: +91 94476 81582