Smoke House

We at Lohashilpi have been regularly coming out with products to bring down the cost of producing rubber sheets. Our latest introduction is a fairly hi–tech smoke house that has considerable advantages and savings in fuel and labour.

The salient features of our smoke house are:

  • It is possible to dry rubber sheets within 48 hours compared to 72 hours to 5 days which is the normal time taken.
  • Just 500 grams of firewood is needed to dry 1 kilogram of rubber sheet against the normal requirement of 800 grams to 2.5 kilograms.
  • The sheets need not be turned inside out mid-way to ensure that both sides get dried.
  • The factory workers do not have to get inside the smoke house inhaling noxious fumes and bearing the heat to load the sheets and remove them.
  • It is quite easy to get RSS-3 sheets (as per Indian standards).
  • You may be generating bio-gas from the waste water. If so, this bio-gas can be used to supplement firewood.
  • If there is an area on the southern side of your smoke house which gets sunshine, solar thermal energy too can be efficiently used to supplement firewood.
  • We design the processing shed including the smoke house if needed. While designing, we try to keep the space needed as well as material movement to the bare minimum.