The conventional rubber sheeting machines were affecting the labour force at our estate. The tappers used to do the sheeting in the afternoons and then they were pretty tired for the tapping. This was also affecting the yield of the trees. These machines took nearly 3 hours to produce about 100 – 150 sheets. I have the first Rubber Sheeting Battery of Lohashilpi at my estate. A huge problem was solved for me because the tappers don’t do the sheeting anymore; my ordinary labourers do the sheeting. Using this machine, I can do about 500 – 600 sheets in an hour. Now I also collect latex from outside and do sheeting and sell my sheets at RSS 1X grade. I plan to buy one more of this machine from Lohashilpi shortly so that I can increase the production in my estate. The quality of sheets has improved so much. You get even kind of sheets with a beautiful shape and the ribbing of the sheets is to the maximum. On a manual rubber roller or a motorized rubber roller, you cannot rib the sheets as much as you rib on this machine. I produce RSS 1X sheets which give a premium above the RSS 4 rates. Another big advantage of this machine made by Lohashilpi is that the sheet made out of this machine can be smoked out of the smoke house much earlier than a sheet made from the conventional machine. Normally it would take about 4 to 5 days for a sheet to be smoked out of a smoke house whereas the sheet made by this machine can be smoked out within maximum 3 days.

K. J. ThomasMannarkkad Ph: +91 94462 36123

We procured a Lohashilpi Sheeting Battery a few years ago and have been extremely pleased with the innovative idea and superb engineering. These are key features that one can identify with the company itself along with great service. For a big plantation, this is an essential investment as it makes the sheeting process much easier, enhances motivation & pride among tappers, reduces time taken and contributes to better grade sheets.


I have bought 4 washing machines from Lohashilpi for lot rubber sheet washing being done at various locations. We wash rubber sheets which are affected by fungus and sell them as RSS 4. After I started using Lohashilpi’s machine, there are tremendous savings in labour. I need only 2 workers in the place of 10 (that I used to previously employ) to meet my daily requirement of washing rubber sheets. Moreover, the sheets are cleaner when washed using this machine than when the cleaning is done manually. I am able to wash 7 tonnes of rubber sheets per day on one machine operated by a single worker. The time required to wash one sheet is only 1 second. The machine supplied by Lohashilpi barely requires any service.

Saleem Al-Ameen Traders Ph: +91 94475 04000

I am a customer of Lohashilpi’s Double Groove Rubber Sheeting Battery. I find that there are no reaper marks on the sheets that I produce on this machine. After I started using this machine, I am able to produce RSS 1 grade sheets in the place of RSS 4 that I used to make earlier. This way I could upgrade my sheet quality effortlessly and without making any other alterations to my sheeting process or smoke house. Moreover, the sheets produced in this machine can be smoked out of the smoke house in 3 days’ time when compared to 4 days taken for the same earlier.

Gopkaumar Cherippalam Agencies Ph: +91 94476 81252

I am a very satisfied customer of Lohashilpi’s trough. When compared to the traditional Aluminium dishes that are generally used for coagulating latex, there is commendable savings in labour. 3 workers work for 8 hours and make 400 sheets per day. Also, the coagulated rubber from the trough is of uniform size/thickness. Lohashilpi provides excellent service as well. The service technicians are just a phone call away. I use one 60 slider and two 50 sliders troughs at my estate.

ChekkunniChokkad Ph: +91 98475 86268

I have had a Lohashilpi Rubber Roller at my place for 20 years now. Our first machine was bought by my Father. Only if we don’t give sufficient lubrication does the machine develop any problems. Our locality (Karuvarakundu in Kerala) is full of Lohashilpi’s machines.

LukmanKaruvarakundu Ph: +91 94476 81582